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Is Dating In the UK Racist?

Is Dating In The UK' Racist?

Is Uk Dating Racially motivated? I believe so, I have been researching this for a while now and my findings has been a total surprise to me to be Honest. Plus very sad on ones soul. Dating is difficult enough as it is, but with the ethnic minorities in the Uk still very much divided, well it makes meeting someone from outside your race very difficult. Location plays a part too. Take London for an example, I am sure that most people would think and say that meeting someone isn't that hard to do in the Nations Capital but trust me it is when it's done online. Most people in London are very misarable people as it is, just travel on the tube for instance and see the faces of Men and Women on a daily basis! Missarable as fuck to say the least, no one smiles and if you do smile at someone well 80% percent of the time you won't get a smile back. Going out to bars yes I am sure there is still a lot of hooking up going on there me thinks!! But for most people these days Online Dating has become a more personal way in meeting someone of the opposite sex. I will admit something here, when I browse profiles I too have a type, Women are my type, so I will like someone that I believe will like me for me, Irrelvant of my Race or theirs, but I find that White women especially not all but a good majority certainly have a picticular Type, and that is White men, Tall, Dark & Handsome is what I see a lot, Blue eyes, or the blatant 'I am Looking for someone White', yes I am sure Black women do the same but not on the same level White women do it as there are much more White women on dating sites. So you are overwelmed by that one fact. Take Tinder, I have been using it for a few months now and not one white woman has click on my profile to say they liked me back. I have changed my profile status loads of times and changed photos but nada not even a hello..! But yet when I can go out or just go shopping or whatever I get chatted up by white women all the time!! So whats with that? So Why is onine dating so blantantly racially motivated then you may ask? Well the proof is in the pudding, If I can't attract a white woman on a dating site but in the real world I have no problem doing just that, well there has to be a racial problem. And it's not just me..! Trust Me on that, These days people look for what they know and prefer, Indians will only date indians and maybe sometimes a White guy but you will rearly see a Indian Woman with a Black Guy. Fact! Chinese, and Japanese women don't go anywhere near a Black guys. Faith, Cultules and Religion plays a big part in all this plus stigma as well! It's all total bulshit to me, seriously, I tell you what I have found out is that European women are more likely to date a black guy much more so than a English White Woman, this is how I know that white women are Racist in regards to their thinking when it comes towards dating a Black Man. As I said, not all British women are like this but a good majority are. Online Dating for me is very puzzling and it drives me mad, I think about the people out there who as the saying goes are undatable and I wonder it must be as hard for them too..! But at the same time I feel truly sad by it all. That it's all about Looks and Type. So now I will never go on a Dating site again. It shouldn't be so hard and frustrating when it comes to online dating. But it is and I have seen it for myself, give me the real world anytime, as at least I can see the truth in someones eyes when speaking to them face to face, instead of a online profile that is basically an empty facet of todays society and the way a lot of people around the world wants to be loved by people they can't see or know, and crave the possibilities that comes with it all. Thats not for me, and how do I know that, well, I am a Professional Musician and I have seen my fair share of this fake, racially motivated world and society that we live in. Happy to stay HUMAN and see life the way it is supposed to be seen and not surreally.

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