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'The Interesting and funny Things,

White People Say & Think on Social Media!



Firstly, this book isn’t about me, it’s all about what I see daily when I go on social media. It’s about what people say online every day. It’s mostly about what White people say and what they honestly think, when it comes to life, politics, race, and well everything else. And why? Well, the feeds on my Facebook accounts are almost 95% or more white views and rhetoric. Fact! Now since the George Floyd killing, views online have been an eye opener for me for sure. But even before that incident, I have seen so many comments from people over the years and what they think when it comes to Black and Brown people in general. I have seen so much hate especially towards Black footballers, Black Athletes, and well Black folks in general, so now that the comments I see daily is really no surprise now to be honest. Now not all comments from white people are bad and hateful, but a good percentage of the uneducated mindset of a good few of them, is still extremely high, and judging by the research I have done over the last three years, well it clearly shows that the world is still very much a very racist place, especially when it comes to people of colour. Understanding and a lack of well, empathy goes out the window when it comes to points of views or comments posted on social media. Now, the comments in this book are real, every single comment is points of views from white men, and white women, from the western world, or should I say the ones who have so much to say online. As if their point of views means something. I am also beginning to think that white people seriously think that they are psychic! They always seem to know what the person that they are hating on is thinking or feeling. And they always speak as if they know anything and everything. Very fascinating indeed. What my research has found is that I didn’t have to do that much research regarding this book, as all I had to do was look at posts on Facebook, and then read the views, and comments and then copy and paste. As I said, my feeds are dominated by white viewpoints and rhetoric, this I must state once again. And on nearly every topic covered on social media, be it good or bad.

So, what does your average everyday white folk from around the world truly feel, think’s and says online is something seriously remarkably interesting to say the least. They do dominate my feeds daily on social media like Facebook and twitter, with their comments and rhetoric, that one just can’t help but think wow, opinions from a certain demographic, certainly does matter and mean so much to people that looks just like them, but to what cost? I sometimes must ask myself, do these people really think that people of colour don’t read their comments? Or is it just white folks doing what they do, and ignoring the plight of ethnicity and only thinking of their own ideology? Well, whatever it is, they certainly have the monopoly when it comes to comments online.

Now being a brit, I get to experience racism every day here, be it subtle or blatant. From just walking on the street and seeing white women cross over the road when they see me walking towards them. To the constant staring and following whenever I enter a well-established store. To the racially profile ideology from the police stopping me just because I drive a nice car. Now trust me, I know whenever I have been in Europe, Racism there is blatant, and in your face, I have been called a Nigger so many times in Europe that I have lost count, but I have also been called the same here in the UK. So, nothing changes there...! Ironically, the only place I haven’t have been called a Nigger is in the US. The one place though that I never thought that I would be called a Nigger is on social media. I can tell you though that I have been demeaned and I have seen other people of colour demeaned in the same way online. Social media has allowed folks to use freedom of speech to hate and demean everyone and everything, without much reprisal. Companies like Facebook and Twitter has made hating online extremely popular and easy. Facebook for instance allows hate pages to fester and for folks to hate on individuals and other things. And then have the Gaul to say that they don’t tolerate hate. So, when a Hate page says the word Hate in it, why do they then allow it to continue? Weird that, as it only emboldens the people who own the pages to continue hating every day. So, for me Facebook is a joke. It’s basically just a Hating format for people to hate on everything now. Twitter is just as worse, but hey it is what it is. It’s the world right now, reality bites. During the COVID-19 19 pandemic and, the George Floyd Murder and the uprising of the Black Lives Matter movement, it has become noticeably clear that the divide has grown even more. A lot of white views on social media has become even more crazy. Through the media and mis information, BLM is now the enemy and is viewed with such distain and hate that lot of white views online has become so focused on demeaning everything it stands for and ignoring the bigger picture of systemic racism. They just don’t want to listen, but hell bent on destroying the whole ideology of what the words and the movement stands for. Every day whenever I go my phone and see a post regarding race. All I see is, BLM is just a bunch of Leftist Marxist, radicals, looters, and Terrorist! Kind of ironic that to be honest. Especially when the far right can use swastikas and sprout out racist hate and not be demeaned in the same way by white people, well kind of says a whole lot.

From the blatant Racists or should I say the uneducated and deplorable, ignorant Hypocrites who continue to support this unbelievable stupid Ex US President Donald Trump, for me has shown just how backward the United States has become! But not just the US, but also a lot of people from all around the world. This is the same Man who spent years trolling Obama in regards, to his birth certificate, and questioned if he was, an American. But still white people forget and forgive him (Trump) so easily and quickly for things like that.

Now I can give you many examples of Trumps misdemeanours, but I am sure you will know most of them. He is always forgiven by his supporters! He once said he could shoot someone in middle of downtown New York City and would get away with it! He Lies every single time, I can go on, but he’s still has this almost cult like support! Can you imagine if Obama was this way? He would have been done before he even started. This orange avenger as I like to call him, basically believes that he’s here to save America and Americans from the terrible Democrats and the Radical Left. He’s Obsessed with Obama and does all he can to demean and Undermine everything that Obama achieved.

He gets away with Absolutely anything and everything it seems! But hey, it is a white World, right? Blatantly it is! Shameful! And therefore, people like me and who look like me, don’t trust these people and the way they think!

But it’s not just the United States, the United Kingdom is just as bad. The hate I have seen for the former UK Labour Leader MP Jeremy Corbyn has sure proved that when the UK Press is against you, well you are screwed. They went after him big time, and so by doing this, the public like in the US, made their minds up like the sheep that they are, and the hate he got daily on news feeds before and after the 2019 Election was shocking to say the least. People truly hate what they don’t understand, I think you will see just that in the views I have taken from Caucasian individuals on social media over the last few years.

Another prime example of when the UK Press comes after you, is Meghan Markle. Damn! The hate that I have seen from the UK public online has been seriously disturbing and disgusting, mostly from other women and yes, all white. They blame her for everything, regarding Prince Harry leaving the British Monarchy. I totally understand why they left for a different life elsewhere.

Even the Young Environmental Activist Miss Greta Thunberg came under some awful hate, just for doing something she believes in, and doing something about it. I mean who hates on a teenager on social media? I tell you who does, White Men and White Women. Don’t get me wrong now, it’s not just white folks, but 99% of the time it is. As I said, it’s what shows up on my Facebook and Twitter news feeds.

Society speaks volumes these days, as internet has shown us just this. Racism is well hidden. It’s only highlighted when a certain race of people constantly hates on another race of people! It comes in many guises now, it’s just the way the World is. People hate what they do not understand, they hate what they are told and should hate. And with social media, we see it every day, every month, and every year. People are angrier than probably ever before. We show it now more in our emotions, and our way of thinking. Hate is now the be all and end all of everything it seems. Racism is now just a bracketed ideology, and why? Well white people simply don’t think they are racist, they think that their opinions are free speech and the connotations of that means that they can say and think anything and whatever that they want to and believe it to be what they believe it all to be. The world is in a place now that it probably has never been in, and that’s the reality of human beings right about now! It’s a us against them morality now and it’s getting worse and will continue to get worse.

I have spent the last few years just researching what one race of people think and say, and before you get on your high horse, once again, this isn’t coming from me, it all comes from views and opinions from white people whose comments are dominant on my social media feed and on every post posted on every media outlet from Facebook to twitter. Living in the UK, my daily feeds on these sites are purely one way, I can see and know just what people think, I have made notes of all races from Black to Asian. And to be honest that’s for another book, waiting to be written. But for now, I am focusing on what white people think.

When asked by friends and family what project I was working on next, as soon as I mentioned the title, they all started to laugh and thought it was funny, but at the same time they all thought it was a great idea for a book. That was enough for me to continue and get it done. The funny thing is that all I had to do was copy and paste comments from social media sites.

That was the easy part, but it was the awful spelling and bad grammar that I had to stop and think, should I change or keep? I decided to mix it up a bit, so when you read the quotes, keep in mind that it’s the actual comments from individuals from all over the world.

So, you will have political comments, sports, and daily life ones. Once again, it’s all real comments. This is not to offend, it’s just what I see and read daily on my news feeds on social media, so don’t’ forget that. Views and comments on social media are important as it make us all understand as to what’s going on in the world right now when it comes to what people think. So, I don’t take this likely, this has been so hard for me to see and deal with. I no longer can trust a lot of white people now, simply because I just don’t know what they are genuinely thinking when it comes to me and well people that look like me. My heart and my mindset have changed, I can’t see things changing any time soon, but only getting worse, white people are now calling famous black people Racist simply because they have spoken up about racism and have used their voice to fight for Black lives, mattering. Every day they are ridiculed, demeaned, and chastised by white people on social media. I have the proof of that and have seen it all for myself. So where does that leave us? Nowhere to be honest, as racism has been around forever and I for one can’t see it going away any time soon. Education isn’t making much of a difference if you ask me, yes some want to lean, but the majority just don’t care, don’t want to listen, and simply won’t change.

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