Mark.J.Stevens - Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Producer/Artist & Author

Mark started out singing at an early age but never really took it seriously; it was only when he found that he could mimic the voices he would hear on the radio that he thought more about a career in music. 
With years of experience well behind him Mark has decided to take a step back from the music and concentrate on some of his own personal passions! 

Mark still will continue to make music and write for other Music Acts but for now he is fully committed to his Creative Writing side. Mark Has three new books coming out between 2021 and 2022! Another book of Poetry and two brand new written Novels are already in the works. 

It takes a lot of guts to be male soloist these days, just look at the status of male soloist in the UK Music Industry; with the exception of, Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran, there are very few male artists who are songwriters themselves. Very few record companies seek male solo artists; in fact the majority of them are concentrating on female soloists.
Yet Mark.J.Stevens seems to be the jewel waiting to be found. If Mark does not succeed with his music then there is little hope for all else.
His music is not only clever, creative and commercial but it is innovative, strong and unique. He writes melodies that go beyond the boundaries of infectious and become contagious. His lyrics are passionate, intelligent and thoughtful, his presence is overwhelming and warm, and his charisma is captivating and earth shattering.

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