'Fall' By MJ Stevens


If you're lost you can look and you will find me!
For I am your friend always!
If you call, I'll be there, I'll be waiting!
For you Are my friend!
I will drive you home when you're all alone!
No words to say!
When ever you need me!
I will be there! 
Time and time again!
Life illusions I can recall!

They all left me alone!
But with you I can atone!
You're an angel in disguise!
That I know!
I can't help but fall!
Why wouldn't I want to?
When all I know,
Is you and the love you've shown!
Hold me, never let me go!
For I live for you and I'll always love you so!

Halo' By MJ Stevens

I was left outside!

Lived amongst the shadows!
What a waste of time!
Can't you see my halo?
Yeah! I did her wrong!
I made mistakes I know!
Can't turn back the time!
Deep inside I think she knows!
Now this time around!
I only want to make things right!
This girl adores my soul!
This angel has changed my life!
Will she ever be mine?
Only time will tell for sure!
With those amazing eyes!
I'll lose myself I know!
She told me many times before!
Loving me is all she knows!
Her heart I can never ignore!
Friends forever but I adore her!
From this moment on I will say no more!
Because in life you can't always get what you want!



''Close' By MJ Stevens


Her heart is kind!
Her friends I like!
Slowly but surely!
She adores me somehow!
I speak to her everyday!
She makes me smile I must say!
Friends forever and a day!
Soon I will meet her and pray!
That she accepts me and stays!
When two people gel!
Friendship should always prevail!
Because life is too short as you know!
So why spend your time alone?
I will keep her close forever more! 
Maybe one day she will know!
Just what she means to me!
She's a great friend to have you know! 
In times of trouble and hurt!
So my heart will welcome her!
And love her always, and forever more! 

© 2020 by mjsmusic.


Photos By Jitka Jemelkova