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Are so called F1 fans Racist And Homophobic when it comes to Lewis Hamilton?


I have spent the last couple of years researching this, and what I see daily on social media is that a lot of the so called fanbase is somewhat, well..Racist as Fuck.

I am not going to on some rant here so what I will do is just show you the proof...well just some..!

Actual Facebook Comments from social media:

Lewis is the extremist causing problems with F1 where there is no problem. He is the problem.

Hamilton said at SPA, 2018, 'What we need is change and Diversity'. Not sure he knows what that means. He has sold his soul to the devil is what it means. Hamilton is a racist!

Typical Black, making it about race when it has nothing to do with it.

Lewis, by doing that,(Supporting BLM) you have become a racist.

Charles LeClerc is not a racist, the only racist here is the one with Black Lives Matter on his Tee Shirt. All Lives Matter.

He's being very clever here, playing the race card as he has done his whole career, with the current situation being what it is, the stewards won't dare penalise him for fear of being called racists.

If your mum is white and your dad is black - how are you black?

I see Lewis is still wearing a slave owner'S Badge! Hypocrite!

Hamilton is a disgusting little fellow, he will never have to live with the consequences of his immature, illogical and unintelligent actions.

Yeah! The blacks are the problem. They are bigger racists than the whites..!

Hamilton is a racist, He has introduced and is trying to enforce political gestures. Mercedes credibility has taken a huge hit. Someone needs to out Hamilton in his place.

Wogs out of motor racing...

It does not give him the right to try and re-write British History, the country he loves so much apparently when he doesn't even live here anymore, he needs to shut up being that he works for NAZIS..

Let's hope he never finishes another race because the human race doesn't care

what he thinks or does, strip him of all his history..

The Tax Dodger wins.. nobody seems to care that he is a criminal..

Just read BLM are soon to be announced as a Terror organisation. This makes Hamilton a supporter of a terror, no surprises there really as he is a criminal himself.

He's more White than Black, he's ridiculous..

Hamilton is not worthy of a Knighthood, He is too racist..

Back when Lewis wasn't a far left extreme woke racist and just raced and spoke only about racing. He will never win another title again. What a waste..

That's where being half black gets you. Political to tick a box and say look what we dud as a country to help the poor under-privileged hard done by cry baby.

This twat is a full on hypocrite and a racist..

He's nothing but a shit stain on humanity..

Now I can go on showing you all the hate Lewis gets, but we would be here all day. Just know this, at this very moment in time there are so many hate pages on Facebook where even as you read this, they are spending their own time demeaning Lewis, seriously its a Mental HEALTH Issue.. imagine allowing someone that you don't even know to live rent free in your tiny little BIGOTED minds. How sad are these deplorable Cunt's?

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