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Trolls, Racist and Total Losers!

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Imagine this, you have one very hateful little disgusting nobody coward of a man, who adds himself to all of Lewis Hamilton’s social media, trolls him and then creates a page on Facebook called ‘I HATE LEWIS HAMILTON’ and has the nerve to call it a page that talks about F1 without the Hamilton Fanboy Trollls hijacking every single post! Then when you see and read each post, well all one sees is pure Hate and racial abuse for Lewis Hamilton.. and even his fans are targeted and hated! You get the odd post about other drivers but those who support this page always resort back to hating LH. Now that’s just so sad. It's like they believe that they know him so well so to have a point of view about him is ok, and they hate him no matter what he says or does.

So I have decided to report them at ever turn, get them Blocked, but because Facebook allows hate to festa on their platform, all I can do is keep reporting their hate! And guess what folks, they cry like babies! The owner of the site even came after me by posting one of my Blogs on the same page and low and behold their hate continued to flow! Now isn’t that ironic! (I found that quite flattering to be honest though!☺️ Another fan saw it and shared my music Haha!) They hate on Lewis like it’s their only personal joy in life, but when someone puts them in their place and calls them out for what they truly are, which is racist hating trolls, they shout and complain! Unbelievable! So the more they hate, well .. hold on to your butts haters, because there are folks out there who do appreciate Lewis Hamilton and what he stands for, will come down on you hating fuckers like a ton of bricks! So bring it..🖕🏽

#LewisHamilton #Trolls #Racist #Hating #Hatingwhitepeople #facebook

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