'The Past'

''The Past'

It's never good looking back! Thinking about who and what did you wrong! Why would you when all it does Is bring back all the bad memories that you spent all your time trying to forget? What matters most! Is now, which you should live for! For it will define just who you are! The hurt! The pain of the past! Well, push it to one side! For that's just what it is! The past! Happiness is rear but it's real! It's real when you want it to be! Stop and think for a moment all that you do! Remember you are only human! And life can hurt you anytime it wants to! It's how you deal with it that makes you the best human you can be! Find what you want! Love who you want! Be who you want! Say what you want! But always be true to yourself! And in that moment you will know just who you are!

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