'My Heart'

'My Heart'

How fragile is the human heart? Very fragile indeed! So why is it that a good majority of people in the world forget that! Most of us in life may have damaged a heart somewhere down the line, maybe not on purpose! Maybe on purpose...I know I have and I have paid for it on every occasion! Be it losing a loved one or friend! As humans we all at some point withdraw within ourselves & that's when we tend to forget just how fragile the heart can be! Fear is a vicious thing, it can wrap you up in chains! When that occurs we all hit back in ways in which we shouldn't! For example, you grow up with family members and you see them and know them well for years and years but I can guarantee that somewhere down the line even family relationships can be strained to the point of no return when it comes to the heart! You can listen and take in a lot through out the years, but the person doing the talking or doing the listening will forget all that in a second when something goes wrong or when arguments arise! Then it becomes an issue that can fester and do mental damage to the relationship! Time passes and well if nothing is said, the people you saw everyday, you only will see them once in a while! And when you do see them it's always a bit awkward and well weird! In my life I must say that I have met some wonderful people, but they were wonderful for a time in my life! A lot of those people, friends and even girlfriends well they are no longer in my life! A day doesn't go by were I don't think about them all! But it's not just friends I have lost! I have lost a lot of my family mentally as well! Yes I will see some of them at the odd family get together! But as I said earlier it's always awkward! I never seem to feel at ease! My heart you see remembers and hasn't forgotten that love has been absent for years! So for a couple of hours or so I must be fake and smile! Not so no more! I choose to be honest and speak and show my feelings now! If everyone else did that then maybe, just maybe then family could be family again! My heart bleeds because it is devoid of real love! I have had it in small doses, be it from a lover, or a good friend! But nothing beats the love of your family! Sadly I have missed out on all that for a very long time now! Maybe I never really had it! So my heart remains fragile! I lose love because maybe I don't know what true love is! I am sure love is in me but the times when I thought it was with me! Life steps in and love dies! And each time that has happened! My heart got colder, and maybe so have I mentally! So to all you fragile hearts out there, life is to live but love is to love! And to everyone else, your heart is pure from the moment you are born, if you can take your natural innate goodness with you through out your life then hopefully you will be able to spot a fragile heart or even better still, not damage one! All the best.. MJ

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