'I Am, What I Am'

'I Am, What I Am'

It's clear that I am different than most! But the most that I am talking about, Do rather well than I do in regards to how they are percieved by others in life in general! I am a oddity yes well that's what I hear all the time! I don't get the girls like the most do, I don't get noticed like the way the most do, Even the music I make others don't even pay much attention to, Or even like but hey you can't please everyone! But I have learnt that even though I am different my solitude standing remains intact! I am what I am! I really don't care no more abt what the most & the others think or do! MJ

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With people dying everyday from this Coronavirus, I Just Want to say, Stay safe and listen to the advice by your governments, doctors and the WHO. MJ